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Management Software

We develop management software of the latest generation for your business, from warehouse management to farms. Management software represents the set of programs that automate the management process within companies and can be divided into these main groups:
  • Accounting Software
  • Software Store
  • Production Software
  • Budget Management Software
  • Financial Analysis Software
  We develop management software for the first three groups:  
  Accounting software has these features:
  • Management Accounts
  • Records Management
  • Prints Budget Accounting

The production software has these features:
  • Production Management
  • Management Launches Production
  • Management of Production Data Collection
  RGPSoft deals with:
  • Design and development of latest generation management software, speed, robustness and the possibility of working on the net are the main characteristics of our management applications. All our programs are free to try, in this period of time our customer can thus choose in complete comfort whether or not to purchase the management system.
  • Installation, configuration and technical assistance for Linux© and Windows©

News from RGPSoft News from RGPSoft

01 July 2022 : MerciGest Professional First Release

First software version released. Among the main features we find the inventory value with the weighted average purchase price, the management of the reordering of products and the printing of invoices. As time ...

16 October 2013 : Suggestions of Development

We want to make it known that the suggestions that you send through our dedicated page, which you can find in our management software was not created to send requests for assistance or otherwise. We simply rece...

29 November 2010 : Moved our web server in Boston U.S.A.

We have moved our web server in the United States, specifically in Boston, so that our customers will have lower access times, when we puittosto of the site located in Italy. Now we have to fix a few pages, but...







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