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MerciGest is a completely free management program for the warehouse with customers and suppliers, printing of movements and invoices. You can use it without any limitation in all its features, no surprises! Our free MerciGest warehouse software is very easy to use with a simple and modern interface. It allows you to import products from an external file and has no data limits. Warning: we do not recommend this software for warehouse management in a working environment, we do not take any responsibility, as described in the user license agreement, also because we do not provide any type of assistance or guaranteed updates; if you want professional but simple warehouse software we recommend our MerciGest Pro

MerciGest Ver. 3.0

Video Tutorial
Stock Management
Stock Management
Warehouse Items
Warehouse Items
Currencies & Numbers
Currencies & Numbers

  Freeware Professional
Items Management, movements and invoices
Customers and suppliers
Orders and reorders  
Connection to MS Access© Database
Connection to MS SQL Server
Data sharing in LAN & WAN
Printing items list
Printing movements & invoices
Printing warehouse value  
Printing detailed reports  
Loading & unloding with barcode reader  
Technical assistance with ticket system  
Technical assistance via phone or remote connection   To be purchased separately
Prices $ 0,00 $ 6,20 / month o
$ 52,00 / year
  Not Available Download & Install

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Source Application with MS Access©
The use of the program is very simple: when it is opened, the main menu is shown with buttons to enter the warehouse items and data of your company. Subsequently it will be possible to enter the loads, unloadings or returns from customers.
To enter a warehouse movement, you must choose the type ( loading, unloading or returns ) using the appropriate button, enter the data present in the header such as the number and date, then move on to the individual lines. As the products are handled, the program will update the stock automatically, in this way you will always have visible the situation of the goods in your warehouse. As a last thing to know the data filter, through this it is possible to view in the list of movements only those included between the initial and final date of the same. Not available.

For information about source code you can see this page on our blog.

Latest News

+14 August 2023 : MerciGest Versions
There are 2 versions of MerciGest, one completely free and one professional. Obviously the professional version has many additional features compared to the free version, and we do not provide any type of technical assistance for this one. The free v
+01 July 2022 : MerciGest Professional First Release
First software version released. Among the main features we find the inventory value with the weighted average purchase price, the management of the reordering of products and the printing of invoices. As time goes by, we will keep releasing new upda
+16 October 2013 : Suggestions of Development
We want to make it known that the suggestions that you send through our dedicated page, which you can find in our management software was not created to send requests for assistance or otherwise. We simply receive these notifications by you the users
+29 November 2010 : Moved our web server in Boston U.S.A.
We have moved our web server in the United States, specifically in Boston, so that our customers will have lower access times, when we puittosto of the site located in Italy. Now we have to fix a few pages, but in America we will soon have a site as





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